Product Design

Product design can often be an expensive drain on the organisation if not properly planned. Success very much depends on the core competence of the organisation. This is where Cogent can add value to your existing capabilities.

We understand the challenges that the industry faces when bringing offsite solutions to market. We can help you to achieve new, innovative processes that help to solve these problems. Our support covers everything - from initial concepts right through to the final solution.

With our team of specialist consultants, not only can we advise on the best routes to market, but we can also take care of much of the marketing activities for you in conjunction with our sister company - Radar Communications - helping with product launch and profile raising.

The product innovation process can be simplified by close communication and collaboration with end users. This is where Cogent can provide positive and effective feedback in order to deliver the product or service with as little change to the organisation as possible.

We can help you develop:

  • New Product Briefing - assisting you with the initial process of defining your new product/system or service
  • Concept Generation & Assessment - assisting with the generation of key themes and ideas from user insight, generation of product use cases as well as idea sharing and collaborative creative sessions
  • Prototype Evaluation - confirming that your product/system will work as it is supposed to or if refinement is needed through assessment of the viability of its design
  • Production Design & Simultaneous Engineering - ensuring different stages of design run simultaneously, rather than consecutively
  • Product R&D - conducting investigative activities to improve existing products/system and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures 
  • Product re-engineering - optimising performance of existing products/systems by adding new functionalities and taking advantage of emerging technologies
  • Design for Manufacture of offsite solutions - breaking the traditional relationship between cost, quality and time, ultimately achieving a higher quality at lower cost and in less time
  • Product cost reductions - reducing the cost of your products whilst ensuring quality and efficiency through value-engineering and process improvement
  • Continuous improvement techniques - ongoing support with improving your products/systems and manufacturing process improvement
  • Product certification - assisting with the process of certifying products/systems - achieving performance tests and quality assurance tests and meeting qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations or specifications

The Benefits:

  • Formulation of new-product strategies, including identification of existing and future customers, product differentiation and overall objectives
  • Assistance with ideation and problem analysis through workshop facilitation and brainstorming
  • In-depth support and advice in product development and testing
  • Commercialisation, including branding and marketing
  • Enhanced product development to increase your competitive edge