Marketing Support for Manufacturers

In conjunction with our sister company Radar Communications we can provide you with marketing and business development advice and support.

With well-established business networks developed through working with built environment trade associations and engaging in high profile industry events - we offer our clients an exceptional service, privileged access to key industry platforms together with the opportunity to develop new business and media contacts.

We translate our experience and extensive commercial networks into a dynamic set of services - using our industry knowledge, contacts and lead generation expertise to provide complete, integrated brand communication and business development support.

Working with Radar Communications, our objective is to help our clients choose carefully and invest in promotional materials, platforms and media outlet which have a reasonable shelf life, are original, suit the required image and fit chosen marketing methods.

We can offer you help with:

  • Creative Design - providing a comprehensive design style and brand identity that represents your organisation, separating you from competitors
  • Digital Marketing - delivering fast, targeted and cost effective engagement
  • Public Relations & Social Media - offering unsurpassed insight and extensive media contacts to identify promotional opportunities and create press campaigns
  • Event Management - organising everything from industry speakers, sponsorship and exhibitor packages, AV and staging services, superb venues, catering and onsite operations
  • Publications - access to a range of publications across a multitude of technologies as well as in house skills to produce both digital and print magazines
  • Video Production - assistance with scripting, story-boarding, filming, editing, hosting and playing videos 
  • Website Development - design and build of bespoke responsive website, optimised for mobile platforms
  • Business Development - helping you to ensure successful business growth through a comprehensive network of contacts 
  • Technical Copywriting - our highly skilled copywriters will help you to enhance your market reach and strengthen your sales materials through targeted technical writing


  • Fast, targeted and effective engagement for potential clients
  • Unsurpassed insight into media contacts
  • Identification of promotional opportunities to benefit your business
  • Skills to research, write, design and produce both digital and print magazines
  • Enhanced client base through responsive online platforms optimised for smart phone and tablet use
  • Clear identification of target markets - giving you the ability to establish the best route to market for your company