Manufacturing Logistics

Cogent Consulting can provide you with an efficient and focused manufacturing strategy for offsite systems whilst embedding lean manufacturing principles at the core. 

Our objective is to establish the best manufacturing operation through reduced production cost and improved quality, through optimised and lean production processes.

We can also help with the application of advanced offsite construction techniques at a site level - providing you with reduced construction times that are more predictable through logistics planning and scheduling techniques.

We can help with:

  • Design of Production Flow/Cell Techniques - optimising production facility layout and material movements 
  • Capital Equipment and Tooling Procurement - ensuring the best quality and value manufacturing equipment and tooling
  • Labour planning, trade grades and operations - establishing skill matrices and recruitment strategies
  • Work Centre and Operations Planning - assessing, planning, and monitoring project methods and progress manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing Systems and Controls - designing, developing and installing control systems and improving the productivity of existing systems, taking into consideration the use of the latest technology
  • Manufacturing cost control and reconciliation - assessing all aspects of production, materials and labour to determine actual product/system out turn cost
  • Factory Simulation & Modelling - constructing simulations and models of factories that can be trailed without disruption to actual production, saving time and lowering costs
  • Production Engineering - applying our wide knowledge of engineering practices and management challenges related to production
  • Lean Manufacturing - relentlessly working to eliminate waste from manufacturing processes
  • Process Improvement - helping to establish a management infrastructure to facilitate process improvement
  • Factory Design - creating the optimum manufacturing environment to enable seamless manufacturing processes

The Benefits:

  • Gain complete control of your supply-chain
  • Stay ahead of demand and competition
  • Deploy and organise your people in line with your business strategy
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Manage your production pipeline with an optimal horizon
  • Sustainable growth
  • Improved productivity and profitability