Manufacturing Process Improvement

Inability to meet lead-times can result in increased hours and higher delivery charges, as well as the possibility of not meeting scheduled project times. Cogent will help by applying lean manufacturing processes, ultimately reducing defects, rejects, scrap and decreasing manufacturing time, as well as ensuring the delivery of a repeatable, consistent quality product - delivered on time to the end user.

We can assist with the delivery of an optimised process which yields a quality product at lower price, while increasing profits. An enhanced process maximises employee motivation and satisfaction whilst guaranteeing you a standard process that will run as designed, with new issues being quickly identified and resolved.

We can help with:

  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Factory improvement 
  • Creating innovative processes 
  • Footprint optimisation 
  • Complexity reduction 
  • Implementation of bespoke manufacturing equipment 
  • Manufacturing system integration 
  • Network operational performance 
  • Manufacturing transformation 
  • Sharing and sourcing networks


•    Reduced costs
•    Shorter manufacturing times
•    Reduction in waste
•    Enhanced networks
•    Bespoke systems
•    Reduction in resources