Construction Management

Cogent Consulting can help you to ensure the best outcome for your project though effective leadership, attention to detail and esteemed partnership. 

We can provide you with all-inclusive construction management consulting services from the initial concept designs to the end result of your project. Our expert consultants offer engineering, construction and manufacturing experience - providing you with quality, cost effective solutions to everyday challenges that may occur through the use of offsite construction.

We develop construction management teams tailored to your specific needs and project requirements by providing effective project leadership in the following service areas:

  • Production Management - coordinating and monitoring design and manufacturing activities through control of scheduling, cost, performance, quality and waste requirements
  • Risk Management - forecasting and evaluating technical risks as well as identifying procedures to avoid or minimise their impact
  • Supply Chain Integration - applying shared management systems through close alignment and coordination with supply chain partners
  • Logistics Management - implementing an efficient flow of products and services, and related information between the point of origin and supply chain partners


  • Reliably identifying and predicting construction costs during the design phase
  • Creation of a synergistic team approach to your construction requirements - maximising value
  • Enhanced value engineering through implementation in design stages
  • Help with facilitation of financial planning - eliminating potential delays for redesign caused by budget problems at a later stage in the process
  • Controlled schedule during all phases of construction