About Us

Cogent Consulting has in-depth experience of working within all sectors of the construction industry, including the key public sector markets of education and healthcare whilst also being active in the residential, retail, leisure, commercial and light industrial sectors.  This unique positioning, and breadth of experience, means that we bring an independent perspective that embraces the whole of the building technologies supply-chain and range of construction technologies but we specialise in the field of offsite manufacturing and offsite construction.

What we can do for you

We offer a range of benefits through our extensive knowledge and expertise, strategically assembled to provide the highest quality services on the most testing of assignments.  Our continually expanding consultancy capacity and range of services available ensures that our advice is based on leading-edge information drawn from leading-edge projects and the latest offsite manufacturing technology developments and investments.

Experts in Offsite

Offsite construction techniques are now recognised as some of the most important solutions to many problems facing the construction industry. Through the application of advanced construction techniques, reduced and predictable construction times are more attainable, allowing scheduled occupancy and early use of key facilities.

Our extensive experience of many different offsite construction needs, in a range of different sectors, means that our clients can turn to us as a single company to provide an exceptional range of proven design, construction, engineering, project management and supply-chain management skills. Cogent Consulting is able to draw on a wide base of in-house professional expertise, and long-established network of specialists, to provide tailored solutions to meet your exact needs, based on a close, first-hand understanding of your organisation and the surrounding market.